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Who are the Kurds? The origins and history of the Kurds

We’ll be looking for answers to those who have come from these Kurds.

And who are these Kurds?

 Who are the Kurds?

Kurds are geographically inhabited by the Taurus Mountains of Iran to the mountains of Zağros, after the Republic of Turkey, the indigenous people who lived in the geography of Mesopotamia and Kurdistan, but were changed in the history of Eastern Anatolia and southeastern Anatolia.

The origins of Kurds

The origin of the name ‘ Kurdish ‘ is historically based on thousands of years ago. According to some researchers, the word “Kur” is the basis of the Kurdish term and is Sumerian origin. In Sumerian language, ‘ ‘ Kur ‘ ‘ is the mountain. ‘ Ti ‘ refers to the attachment. Thus, ‘ ‘ Kurti ‘ ‘ means the people of the mountain. The Kurdistan geography is a mountainous region. In those ages, people were given names linked to their geography or their way of life. It is said that they received this name because of its existence in the mountainous geography of the Kurds. The name ‘ ‘ Kurti ‘ ‘ in Sumerian language, 2500 years ago in the Greek ‘ ‘ Kardukya ‘ ‘ Later, ‘ ‘ Kurdienne ‘ ‘ (the Kurdish hometown) has passed.

The Name Kurd And its philological Connections in the article G. R Driver, the list of inscriptions in the Kurti, snow, Karduk, Gord, Kord, Cardakes, cyrtii varies according to different languages, although all common ‘ ‘ krd ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ krt ‘ ‘ element contained in this They come from the same root and are ethnically related.

In research by Dr. Asad Khailany In historical sources, the Kurdish name of Civilialism is pronounced;

Sumeres-Snow, Kurti and Guti,

Babils-Garda and Snow,

Asuriler-Qurti and Guti, Grekler-Kardukh and Gordukh, Armenians-Kortukh and Gortai-KH,

Persians-Gurd or Kurd,

Syrians-Kardu and Kurdaye, Ibrans and Keldaniler-Kurdaye,

Aramaik and Nesturiler-Kadu,

The Arab writers of the early islamical periods are Kurd (Akrad) and Europeans are 7 A.D. Since the century, they have said the Kurd.

In Turkish, it is referred to as the Kurdish word. 


Kurdish horsemen in the Caucasus region. 1900 years

Kurdish states

The Kurds have established many states throughout history.

For details: “states that Kurds have established in history” You can read our article.

History of Kurdistan

It was the Seljuk state that first used the term Kurdistan.

Kurdistan, the region where Kurds live throughout history

The term is first seen in the Seljuk state.

For the first time in the literature, the term Kurdistan was used by the Seljuk.

In 1340, the boundaries of Kurdistan under management

Written by Nezhetü’l Kulub in Kurdistan

Information on the boundaries of the region. Arab Iraq, Khuzestan, Persia Iraq, Azerbaijan and Diyarbakir

Has stars.

Kurdistan is the region from today’s Taurus Mountains to the mountains of Zağros.

Divânu Lügati-Kurdistan in Turkish. (11th century) The map of Mahmud Kashgarlı (1074) is located between the Ard’ul Ekrad, the E’ul Damascus and the Ard’ul Irāqayn, which means the soil of the Kurds in Arabic.

Turkish version of the recipe

Kurdistan in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire used the term Kurdistan in its sources. Today in Turkey, ‘ ‘ There is no such thing as Kurdistan, ‘ ‘ The Promise is a fabricated from the beginning.

During the Ottoman Empire, Kurdistan was an autonomous structure. It was a free zone in Kurdistan, which was connected to the Ottomans in its foreign affairs. The Ottoman Empire gives soldiers tax, but they are freed in their own administration. The Ottomans never denied the Kurds ‘ language a forbidden culture.

The Ottoman Empire did not enter into an effort to assimilate no one under the name of Turreing, unlike Turkey today, with the policy of assimilation that does not interfere with the culture of anyone’s language.

In the Ottoman Empire today, like the Kemalist racist system in Turkey, everyone was not a fascist system.

Everyone in the Ottomans was under the Ottoman theme of Islam.


Ottoman Sultan II. On the Map (1893) in the Middle East of the Ottoman Empire in the time of the Abülhamit, کردستان (Kurdistan) is located in the center of the maps.

The decree of the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the King of France sent to Fransuva

The decree sent to the King of France by Suleiman the Magnificent passes to Kurdistan.

I said,

The Sultan of Sultans, the reign of Allah, who crowned the rulers of the Khaqas, the shadow of the Earth, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and Rumeli, and Anatolia and Karaman and the Greek and Dulkadir province, and Kurdistan and Azerbaijan’s Acem and Damascus and Aleppo And the Sultan of Nice Dimorrow, which I conquered with the overwhelming forces of Egypt and Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem and all the Arab lands and Yemen and many other countries, with the crushing powers of our noble ancestors, and my brilliant, fiery victory Sword The grandson of Sultan Bayezid, the son of Sultan Selim Khan, my Sultan Suleyman Khan.


Françesko (François, Fransuva) is the king of Françe Province.

At my door to the sanctuary of the Sultans, you sent a letter to the man Frankipan, the enemy invasion of your homeland, you have already declared that you are in prison, and you have requested help and assistance from this side (you asked). However, if you have said, I have been offered a high degree of solifering and learning.

It is not unusual for the sultans to be defeated and imprisoned. Don’t be so nice and hurt. Our great econ has not always left the expedition to fire the enemy and conquer the country. Even we walk through their path, always fethe home and strong castles, and night and day horses, and our swords have been raded. Allah is the only one who has become a disciper and will be in the body. (May Allah give the blessings and let him be whatever he is.) Other than that, you can ask your man to find out about the situation and news. That’s how you know.


Division of Kurdistan

The Treaty of Kasr-ı Sirin is divided into 4 parts of the Kurdistan territories with the Treaty of Lausanne Ankara. (Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran)

 Kurds are not separatist, but the land of the original Kurds is divided.

Kurdish names of cities in Kurdistan geography

Persecution and assimilation policies of the Kurds after the Republic of Turkey

Thousands of Kurdish people were slaughtered, including women children, in the massacre of Dersim city, the massacre of Agri city, and thousands of Kurds in the Zilan massacre.

The news of the Turkish media and many of the Kemalist history imposed on us for years are full of contradictions in the high history of the Lie ego.

Dersim City massacre

Agri City massacre

In the 1930 of the Pain Zilan massacre, 15,000 Kurds were massacred according to official figures.

The Turkish newspaper shows the slaughter of Kurds as a cleansing.

The Republic of Turkey, the Kurds in the Ottoman Empire before bugun lives in the East and Southeast are the geography of Kurdistan we have said and all the Seljuks and Ottomans, including Kurdistan World Civilizations.

The famous Royal Edict the King of France sent to Kurdistan. So there was definitely an undeniable truth that Ottoman Kurdistan. Kurdistan was an autonomous region in the Ottoman Empire, the Ottomans, tax returns on their own soldiers in freedom. It also banned Kurdish language culture of Ottoman didn’t put no time did not deny it. Therefore follows the nationalism.

On behalf of the Kurds, Atatürk and his team, but the Republic whatever was once banned and has denied.

As the Ottoman Empire, Ataturk, just like in the war of independence, the Kurds will live in an autonomous way again and certainly language cultures to be interfered with. That follows that battled in the war of independence and believe.

But after the war that the town needs the Kurds threw up hatred within and on behalf of the Kurds, after all has made it illegal to. Geography of Kurdistan Kurdish name, including Kurdish, was restricted to the term getirş literally defy has ignore Kurds.

This more than 10 years ago, so it took until the 2000s. Even today, the Kurdish language even the existence of the Kurds Still denies even the Kemalist Thomas mentalities have unfortunately..


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